Your own
online studio

More freedom and flexibility.
Less costs.

Your own
online studio

More freedom and flexibility.
Less costs.

Unlimited possibilities
with live online classes

Live online classes give you more freedom.

They allow you to reach more people than in a traditional studio, at any time and from any location. They also save you a lot of costs and provide you with a crisis-proof income.

If you choose Zoom as your streaming service, you can save valuable time through automated processes thanks to the Zoom integration in FitogramPro.

Additional income
with video on demand

With video on demand, you can earn money while you sleep!

Create an online video library with your own pre-recorded classes. The videos are always available to your customers, which means more flexibility for them and more revenue for you.

And the best part – you only have to record your online classes once. After that, you can sell and profit from them indefinitely.

It’s easy and convenient
with the online booking tool

Whether you have your own website or not, FitogramPro’s free online booking tool is always by your side.

On your studio page, you can provide all the relevant information about your online studio. With the help of the intuitive course calendar, your customers can discover, book and instantly pay for your online classes.

All this online – without extra work and costs for you!

This is how you start your own online studio

Create an account

Sign up for FitogramPro for free.

Create your course schedule in FitogramPro

Create your events and add an appealing course description.

Activate the online payment methods

You decide how you want to get paid. Credit card and PayPal are some of the options.

Choose a streaming service

Choose between Zoom, Skype, Twitch and many other providers the one that suits you best.

Share the link to your online booking tool

Reach your regular customers and potential new customers easily.

Read our ultimate guide for
a successful online studio

We show you step-by-step how to set up your online studio and become successful with it.

FAQ about online studio

The only limits on participation in your live online course can be set by you or your chosen streaming service. As for uploading recorded videos, there are specific limits for each of our upgrades:

  • S – 5
  • M – 20
  • L – 200

You are not limited in your choice of a streaming service. However, our experience shows that Zoom is the best solution for most studios.

In general, you can start with just your smartphone and invest in more professional equipment later on, when you see growth potential. For more info, read our tips for online studio.

You can start your online studio with FitogramPro if your tax residence is in one of the following European countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain or Switzerland

Your customers can conveniently book your classes in your own online booking tool, which you receive for free, and pay with common payment methods such as SEPA and credit card.

Of course you can! You can choose to do your classes online or onsite. All you have to do is update the settings in FitogramPro.

Your online studio in 30 minutes!

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