The Zoom integration in FitogramPro

The advantages of live online classes are already well-known. Additional income and more security for your studio. More flexibility and variety for your customers. For this reason, live online classes…

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Dare lezioni online con FitogramPro e Zoom

The advantages of live online classes are already well-known. Additional income and more security for your studio. More flexibility and variety for your customers. For this reason, live online classes have gained great popularity. To make the administration of your online classes even easier, we developed the Zoom integration in FitogramPro. Simply link your FitogramPro account to your Zoom account and benefit from full automation.

What is the Zoom integration?

The new Zoom integration is an interface between FitogramPro and Zoom. You can think of integration as a bridge that connects two distant places.

You probably already know Zoom: It is one of the leading software in the field of video conferencing. Thanks to Zoom, you can virtually interact with colleagues, discuss business, but also hold events – including various sports events. More than 85% of the events that are booked via FitogramPro are hosted with Zoom. But how exactly does the Zoom integration facilitate the collaboration between FitogramPro and Zoom?

So far you had to manually create an event in Zoom for each event and insert the link in FitogramPro – this is now a thing of the past! The new integration automatically creates a link in Zoom for all your live online classes 42 hours before the event starts. This link is automatically added to FitogramPro after it has been created and, as usual, sent to your participants 15 minutes before the start of the class. All you and your students need to do is click the link and enjoy the class.

Important: The Zoom integration is not a prerequisite for giving live online classes. You can also create online classes with FitogramPro without it and insert your Zoom links manually.

The advantages of the Zoom integration

In case you already offer live online classes the Zoom integration is the logical next step for you. With the integration, we want to give you as a studio owner more time to focus on the important things: your classes and your clients!

Here are a few reasons why you should activate Zoom Integration:

  • Seamless connection between FitogramPro and Zoom
  • – Focus on one software for your live online classes
  • – No more creating and copying Zoom links
  • – Save even more time with the automation
  • – Improve the quality of your live online classes

How to activate Zoom integration

Important: The Zoom integration is included in the S package and higher. You can find more information about our packages on our pricing page.

Before you link your Zoom account, make sure to check which subscription you have chosen. If you use a free Zoom account, you can only create Zoom meetings, if you have a Pro account with Zoom you can also use Zoom webinars.

1. Go to the integrations by clicking on “Integrations” in the left menu bar.

2. Click on “Add integration” next to the Zoom integration.

3. You will now be automatically redirected to Zoom. Log in here with your normal Zoom account and click on “Log in”.

4. After you have logged in, you need to authorize the connection between FitogramPro and Zoom. Simply click on “Authorize”.

5. Congratulations! The connection is complete. Now click on “Done” to close the window.

6. Next you have to activate the integration for selected events. To do this, go to “Events” and select an event. Then click on “Event Group Options” > “View/edit details”.

7. To activate the Zoom integration, you first have to answer the question “Do you offer online streams for this course” with “Yes” in the basic settings.

8. Now you will see the Zoom integration. Here you can choose whether the integration should create links for “Webinars” or “Meetings”, or deactivate the integration. Please note that with a free Zoom account you can only use Zoom-meetings.

9. After the integration has been activated, you will see the Zoom sign with a green tick in the check-in area of each event. This tells you that the integration is active. Yeah, the link was added automatically!

For all future events in the next 42 hours, Zoom links will be created and automatically added to your events. The links will be sent to your participants 15 minutes before your class.

If you decide to remove the Integration, you can do so at any time in FitogramPro under “Integrations” or individually in the settings of your event group.


Live online classes remain an essential part of the fitness industry. They offer more flexibility for your customers and are a great addition to your studio’s product portfolio. That’s why we help you do your live online classes even more easily.

As you have seen, the Zoom integration is set up in nine easy steps. What are you waiting for? Activate the integration in FitogramPro now, and don’t waste time creating Zoom links for every single event!

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