11 steps to make your studio future-proof

The sports industry is one of the most affected by the global pandemic of covid-19. Take on these 11 steps to design a future-proof sport studio.

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The sports industry is one of the most affected by the global pandemic of covid-19. Take on these 11 steps to design a future-proof sport studio. 

Due to the crisis, we

  • … understand the importance of a healthier lifestyle
  • … have the desire to start working out and get active more regularly
  • … fell in love with online live classes at home
  • … want to stay flexible with our sport studio membership
  • … are looking forward to traveling and visiting friends that we didn’t see in a long time

So, how do these facts translate into a proper future-proof strategy?

Here are the 11 must-do steps to stay ahead of these changes!

  1. 1. Acquire new customers through Social Media.
  2. More people than before the crisis are interested in working out regularly and staying fit. Make sure that those new customers easily find your studio. Invest in your social media profiles such as Facebook and Instagram. 

  1. 2. Redesign your website.
  2. With new times ahead, make sure that your website is up-to-date and communicating how you react to the post-pandemic environment. Your offer, classes and benefits should be clear so that new customers decide to try out your studio instead of going to your competition.

  1. 3. Partner with an aggregator.
  2. Due to the desire for flexibility, many customers are turning towards aggregators to buy a membership, which can be used in different sport studios throughout Europe. Partner up with Urban Sports Club to profit from that trend. 

  1. 4. Introduce new contract terms.
  2. Times are hard and people don’t want to commit immediately: Offer more flexibility to your members and go for short-term contracts or a monthly cancellation option. 

  1. 5. Implement a short-term sales promotion.
  2. Get old customers in your studio and remind them how much difference there is between online and onsite training. A promotion is also valuable for new customers to increase your long-term revenue. For instance, offer the first lesson after the lockdown for free. 

  1. 6. Prep a lasting online-class concept.
  2. Due to spot limitations in the beginning and the fact that people like working out at home now, you need to step up your game and continue providing online classes. You can either stream an onsite class for your customers at home to join, or you can implement a concrete scheme of classes, i.e. a sequence of online classes for one specific training goal, to keep your customers engaged online. 

  1. 7. Design your own video library.
  2. You need to offer an own video library to make sure that people with a busy day are not excluded from your classes. Expand your digital offer by allowing your customers to watch a class anytime they want!

  1. 8. Build your community – network!
  2. Partner up with Instagram influencers for special (online)-workshops which will give you higher visibility online and a stronger offering for your customers. 

  1. 9. Get your brand international.
  2. Make use of the fact that live streams can be used anywhere in the world. Team up with international teachers that are well known in the industry to host a live stream class. You can even offer those international classes to new customers from abroad to grow your studio in new countries. 

  1. 10. Offer outdoor training.
  2. Not enough space due to the spot limitation and many customers want to experience the class at hand? Introduce outdoor workouts so that more people can join! You will be surprised how many customers would love this change!

  1. 11. Use an online booking software!
  2. To implement all those steps, make sure that you use the right software. FitogramPro offers the best price-value ratio on the market for hybrid studios. You can sign-up completely for free and only pay if you want to use specific features. Livestream events can be created in the free version, so you are not investing a cent to start. Check it out!

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